Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tyra Banks is Michelle Obama. God help us all

The Sept. issue of Harper's Bazaar features Miss. Tyra using at least 20 of her 275 smiles for the editorial in which she "plays" Michelle Obama. Is this the future of America? I wonder if this is her secret plot to take over the world. Tyra Banks 2012 may really happen people. Save as many as you can.
(Photos: The Fashion Spot)

She's smiling with her eyes. It's scary how her fake daughter is already learning from the interns.

"I'll come play with you in a minute children. Mommy has to look prettier than Daddy's new secretary."

Reading time!

Damn. When did Barack get this hot?

"Look! I'm modeling!"

I'm sorry but this is just laughable. It would have been more realistic to put NYU.


s. said...

oh my god. typically i love harpers bazaar. it's one of my favourites! i'm so disappointed with this spread!

Lexie H said...

While I do not endorse this particular editorial; I can't help but wonder what the "NYU" reference meant?

Chloe Tejada said...

Lexie h- It means New York Univeristy :)