Saturday, August 23, 2008

Entering Geekhood...T-shirts I would kill to have

When I was at the Fan Expo yesterday there were tons of really cool geeky shirts with Battlestar Galactica logos, Batgirl, Sesame Street, Watchmen, you name it. Unfortunately every shirt I liked only game in XL and even XXXL. I asked one of the vendors why there was nothing less that a Large size and he said he didn't know, but whoever ordered the shirts never thought to order smaller sizes. As if girls don't buy geeky shirts! I would say at least half of the people at the convention were women and judging by all the spandex, micro minis and midriff baring tees, these women weren't extra large.
I have to resort to buying the tees online but at least I get a discount since I wasn't able to find my size there.
Here are the shirts I desperately want to wear:

Rorschach from Watchmen Ok this one wasn't actually at the Expo but I wish it was. Found it on EBay.

She's a sexy vixen. You can buy it through

Cookie Monster

I love his googly crazy eyes when he eats those cookies. Mmmm. Cookies. Buy it through

Family Guy

If you've seen the episode where Peter fights the chicken then you will find this hilarious.
Buy it through

Family Guy
Herbert is a sick old pedophile but I love him. Buy it through

I used to watch the old show with Adam West as Batman with my Dad and I loved it. BTW- Adam West as the mayor on Family Guy makes me laugh my guts out. "Adam Weeee? Who the Hell is Adam Weee?" Buy it through

Battlestar Galactica

Because Kara and Lee should be together forever. Even if it's just on this shirt. Buy it through

Battlestar Galactica
Cylons are hot and they will kill you. Buy it through

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